Cross-country ski club offers winter fun for children ages 7-13

Want to introduce your kids to cross-country skiing and give them the opportunity to ski nearby with other kids their age? Eastern Mass Bill Koch (EMBK) Club is a local club dedicated to introducing kids to the joys of cross-country skiing and racing. The club is open to all children ages 7-13, from absolute beginners to experienced competitive skiers.

Newton STEM offers weekly newsletter for families

Students, parents, teachers, and community volunteers, keep track of local STEM (Science/Tech/Engineering/Math) happenings by subscribing to NewtonSTEM's weekly newsletter. Now in its eighth year, NewtonSTEM is a clearinghouse for information about STEM achievements, events, opportunities, and resources--both in and outside of school--relevant to Newton. Subscribe at

Ed Ex 2017-18 donations being used by Center for Civic Engagement and Service

The Center for Civic Engagement and Service is beginning to spend the $11,000 that was donated by parents/guardians during last year's Educational Excellence fundraising campaign. Their first project will be to oversee the creation of a new student-friendly website that will make it easy for students to learn about the Center and find activities to get involved in.

Special Education offers program on transition from high school on November 15; other meetings to follow

November 15: The NNHS Special Education Department will hold a Transition Training Night with Jill Curry, the district transition specialist, on November 15, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., in the Film Lecture Hall at Newton North. Jill will be covering the transition planning process both within Newton North High School and beyond the high school setting.


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