Volunteers get planners into students' hands

A dedicated team of volunteers sold planners this week to help students track their assignments. Thank you to April Stein and Elizabeth Reilly for managing the sales process and to sales staff Jacquie Arbuckle, Sally Brickell, Sandy Connors, Roni Coughlin, and Faith Witte.

Special thanks to Anna Ford for preparing the NNHS pages for the planners and for making sure the planners made it off the truck even though it was Pizza Night!

Class liaisons support class events and share information

Looking for information about class events? Ask your class liaisons! These PTSO volunteers (three for each grade) maintain a relationship with the class advisors and house offices so they can provide support for class events and associated fundraising. They also share information about class and PTSO needs with parents/guardians, host an annual faculty/staff appreciation breakfast (one per grade), and solicit volunteers and donations as needed.

Please introduce yourself to your class liaisons!


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