Information Booklet answers questions, solves mysteries

NNHS Information Booklet 2018-19, carefully compiled by the main office, contains many resources for families, including phone numbers; letters from the principal and House deans; school policies; information from the Athletics Department, Library Learning Commons, PTSO, and Newton PAC for Special Education; calendars; and even maps. Take a look and print the sections you need on the right side of the PTSO website or on the NNHS website.

Ed Ex campaign brings in $13,500 to help NNHS students become engaged citizens

Thanks to supportive NNHS parents/guardians, $13,500 was donated for the Center for Civic Engagement and Service (CCES) during this year's Educational Excellence campaign. The CCES steering committee is making decisions about how the donations will be used. Possibilities include programs to involve more teens and a more complete database.

Enormous thanks are due to the following people and groups:

PTSO Vice President of Programming Elizabeth Reilly honored at graduation

Elizabeth Reilly--tireless parent volunteer, vice president of programming for the PTSO, and NNHS tour guide--was honored with the Principal's Plaque at graduation on June 6. Elizabeth has served in her PTSO position for six years. She has participated in approximately 42 PTSO board meetings and has planned 24 PTSO programs--researching topics, previewing speakers and movies, and gathering feedback to ensure quality.


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