Library Learning Commons teachers offer students and staff a range of services

Certified library teachers in Newton North’s Library Learning Commons (LLC) provide a wide range of services for teachers and students at Newton North. Here are examples of what they do.

  • Arrange author talks (usually funded by the PTSO)
  • Work with teachers to develop and present relevant curriculum (two recent examples: providing background information for an English class studying a historical novel; and helping students explore the ethics of scientific research for an English class studying Frankenstein)
  • Teach research skills—finding valid sources (as opposed to click-bait, sponsored content, propaganda, and fake news), making citations, and avoiding plagiarism
  • Provide instruction and tech support for students using the LLC’s recording studio (paid for with PTSO funds)
  • Supervise teaching assistants (students who work in the library shelving books and assisting as needed for school credit)
  • Promote a love of reading by curating collections of books on specific topics (e.g., dystopian novels), creating attractive displays, updating the LLC website, and helping students find books of interest
  • Create Pathfinders (research guides on specific topics) with and for teachers (see examples here:
  • Manage a large volume of students and try to balance competing needs for quiet study space and social “hangout” space
  • Provide individual instruction (students can make one-on-one appointments)

Fast facts

  • Average number of students who visit the LLC per day: 1,500
  • Number of books checked out this school year: 2,776
  • Number of classes taught this school year: 382
  • Departments collaborated with this year: English, History, World Language, Science and ELL

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Here are some pictures that help illustrate the LLC's story.